Boost your Content Marketing efforts:
Distribute native-articles at scale, efficiently
Where do you get the best effect on your native investment?

If you ask >80% of Swedish marketers, when distributing in the context of trusted publisher sites (IAB SE, 2017).

SUNT helps you distribute your sponsored content on premium and niche publisher sites, beyond own and social channels.

Always on premium placements, with fully native layout matched to the editorial feed of publishers. And of course with transparent reporting and constant optimization.

Million article reads enabled
Swedish sites
Some of our happy customers
Why use native and sponsored articles in your distribution?

If you're using Content Marketing to build your brand and nurture future customers and want to distribute your content efficiently you should give Scalable True Native a try:

3-25x higher
CTR vs display ads
1-3+ minutes
Avg active read time
up to >25%
Avg click-outs
Premium context
Trusted publisher sites
What do you get using SUNT?
Measurable brand impact
Potential customers read stories around your brand. This lifts awareness, recognition & purchase intent. Average read time 1-3+ minutes - follow in realtime.
... efficiently ...
Pay only what you get (CPx). Data-based targeting. Real-time reporting & optimization (e.g. A/B testing). Conversion tracking. Social sharing.
... at scale!
Reach out to >7 million unique visitors weekly in Sweden. Across up to >200 premium and niche publisher sites at the same time.
SUNT for Agencies

Whether content, media or creative agency - if you're working with sponsored content, we should talk distribution!

Social is one key part of a great distribution setup, and content recommendation widgets & co can create a good "basic buzz". But if your customer is a serious brand that wants to achieve real impact and ROI with their native campaign, the effectivity of a placement in the feed of premium and niche publishers is a must.

Our platform helps you to achieve the best result and ROI for your customer and also makes your distribution offering stand out - at an attractive pricing.


Oh, and did we mention we also have programmatic options?