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First off and most important:

We do NOT gather or save any personal information about you through cookies on our website. We can therefore also NEVER share such information with any third party, and wouldn’t do so even if we could.


Cookies used and purpose

We do use third party cookies measure and facilitate the use of this website. Specifically, cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • Tracking user behavior in order to improve user experience and to analyze and report usage of specific parts and functions of the website
  • Tracking your visit in order to see whether you’ve converted from one of our marketing activities (e.g. on LinkedIn or via email)
  • And, yes, there’s also a small cookie that tracks you’ve seen and consented to the cookie notice that brought you here 😉

Information collected by those third party cookies and the underlying services might include, but is not limited to, IP address and information about the device used to access the website. The cookies have an expiry date varying between 6 months up to two years (Google Analytics).

You can read more about Cookies in general and how you can manage them here:

Third party services we used

Include Google Analytics incl Tag Manager, LinkedIn Ads, Hubspot, Albacross, Leadfeeder

Your Consent

By using this website, you agree to the transfer, storing and use of cookies. You may delete cookies or disable the use of cookies on this website via your browser settings at any time, but this may significantly and negatively impact your user experience on the website.



If you have questions or comments about our use of cookies, contact us at [email protected]