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Last edited: 2019-10-17

First off and most important:

We do NOT gather or save any personal information about you on our website, unless you explicitly provide us with such (e.g. through a contact form). We can therefore also generally NOT share such information with any third party, and wouldn’t do so even if we could.

For the privacy notice relating to the native adserver technology we use hosted on our domain please read on here:


Cookies used and purpose

We do use third party services to measure and facilitate the use of this website, as well as collecting information for targeted advertising purposes on this website and in other channels. Some of these services do use cookies.

Information collected by those third party cookies and the underlying services might include, but is not limited to, IP address and information about the device used to access the website.

We have actively activated IP anonymization in Google Analytics, meaning that IP addresses are anonymized as soon as possible in the process. The cookies used have an expiry date varying between 6 months up to two years (Google Analytics).

To read more about the different services and their cookies and review or change your consent, click here.

You can read more about Cookies in general and how you can manage or deactivate them here:


Details about third party services we use

  • Google (Analytics and Tag Manager)
    To see how many pageviews we get, by how many unique users, from which regions, how long and on which sites they stay. We can NOT track, measure or identify individual persons. We have actively enabled IP anonymization in the relevant Google tracking codes.
    Google’s Privacy Policy
  • LinkedIn (Ads)
    To see how many users come to our site and complete certain actions on it based on or after they’ve seen some material we’ve advertised on LinkedIn.
    LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy
  • Hubspot (Lead Tracking, Messages)
    To run the small chat window that pops up on the bottom right of some of our pages. We have actively disabled all cookies in Hubspot.
    Hubspot’s Privacy Policy
  • Albacross (Lead Tracking)
    To see what kind of companies have visited our website. This lets us identify and see company names, but never individual persons’ names or any other personal information.
    Albacross’s Privacy Policy
  • Caspio (Use of our native database)
    To operate our campaign database. Non-session cookies, including from Third-Party services like Google Analytics, will only be dropped once you log in to the database and are in those cases required for us to enable your use of this service.
  • Facebook (Ads)
    We may be using the Facebook Pixel to run targeted ads on Facebook and connected entities based on your activity on our website.
    Facebook’s Privacy Policy
  • Mailchimp (Tailored communications)
    To send tailored emails based on your usage of our site.
    Mailchimp’s privacy policy
  • Brain Nordic Strategic Audience Map (Visitor analytics)
    To statistically infer demographic and interest information about our visitors, based on an estimation of your postal code.
    SAM’s privacy policy


Interest forms

If you submit your email address and/or other personal data in an interest form on our website or e.g. via LinkedIn ads, we will save the data submitted in order to initiate and maintain contact with you regarding your interest in our services. If you actively submit personal data in one of these ways, we will regard that action as very strong and sufficient proof for the fact that we thereafter have a legitimate interest to process and save the submitted data and use it to contact you based on your interest.


Your rights

You can of course at any time make use of your rights under GDPR, especially to receive a copy of personal data we have saved about you or your right to be forgotten. Contact us via the email address below in that case.



If you have questions or comments about our use of cookies, contact us at [email protected]