Mail all material to [email protected]

Deadline: depending on setup

  • All material provided by client: 3 working days before campaign start
  • SUNT produces (parts of) material: Ideally 10 working days before campaign start

IO bookings

Article [only for True Native / "AdIn" format]

Text: 500-800 words (shorter is ok if combined with e.g. video).

Videos: Ideally direct link Youtube, Vimeo or other embeddable videos. MP4 files also okay, if >5 MB please share through WeTransfer or similar

Iframes (e.g. widgets, quizzes): should be responsive

External links: Theoretically unlimited, but keep it reasonable – recommendation is 2-3 for most articles.

Conversion tracking: link as provided by your 3rd party service

Other possible media formats: Text & image accordion, image slider (provide texts), forms (submissions provided as export / file)


For article:

  • Min 1200×628 pixels
  • Ideally max 300 KB (a bit bigger is okay, but please no 5 MB+ images)


For teasers:

  • Min 1200×628 pixels
  • Ideally max 300 KB (a bit bigger is okay, but please no 5 MB+ images)
  • Please DO provide several potential images for A/B testing
  • DO NOT include images with big logos or any other text
Teaser texts

Titles (“rubrik”)

  • Max. 70 characters incl spaces
  • Recommended min. 35 characters
  • No all caps, prices or percentages
  • For each title >60 characters, provide one medium version <50 characters of the same title as well in the provided fields

Descriptions (“ingress”)

  • Max. 200 characters (shorter always better)
  • For each description >150 characters, provide one medium version of the same description as well in the provided fields

Target URLs (only for Content Display format “AdOut”)

  • Tracking macros available:
    • %domain% for domain where teaser is rendered
    • %timestamp% as cachebuster
  • Normally only <noscript> solutions possible
  • Clearly indicate which code/pixel shall track what (impressions, visible impressions, teaser clicks, article views)
  • External tracking code in teasers will prevent distribution of campaigns to users with active adblockers (SUNT is otherwise mostly adblocker safe)

Privacy information – if you use our conversion tracking

Important: You must ensure that you collect conscious, active consent from your users before you trigger our conversion pixels.

Conversion Tracking

På denna webbsida används en s.k. Conversion Tracking. Detta används för att, genom en cookie i samband
med fullföljandet av en Conversion, mäta om en besökare har kommit till en målsida genom reklaminnehåll
som distribuerats genom native advertising tjänster upplåtna av SUNT (juridiskt: Ein Rad AB, org nr 559094-
3428). Om detta inte är fallet så sparas ingen data om besökaren. Varje Conversion mäts dessutom enbart en
gång per besökare. Oavsett detta samlas det aldrig in personuppgifter om besökaren.

Mer information om dataskydd för tjänsterna som upplåts av SUNT samt möjlighet till opt-out finns på