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Enabling millions of native impressions and ten thousands of true native article reads every week

Generate new native revenues

Distribute quality native articles from our advertisers in-feed. With 100% native layout, clear ad disclaimers, and letting users read the content on your site(s).


We open up a huge market segment of new advertisers wanting to distribute quality content, without cannibalizing on your current customer relations or ad placements.

Easier, more efficient direct native sales

Run true native campaigns across multiple sites with central campaigning and real-time reporting. Keep the same user experience as with natives in your CMS.


Increase efficiency and add new features to your direct sold campaigns, e.g. with advanced targeting or A/B optimization.

An additional, efficient revenue source, controlled by you

Ever increasing ad blocker usage and declining prices have started to show some limitations of display advertisements.

Our True Native Content format does not compete with existing display ad placements, and more importantly with your content either. Teasers are clearly marked as paid, all articles are quality checked by us and you can moderate the flow of served content at any time. You decide where teasers are placed, and your own content can always stay in focus.

Optional possibility to add selected text/image native ad placements, e.g. in content recommendation widgets.

With full focus on your readers and their experience

As opposed to content display or other native ad formats, users remain on your site when clicking on a True Native teaser and accessing the full content. The best sponsored content campaigns also see great virality, leading users back to your site.

Our integration works seamlessly across desktop, mobile and tablet. A number of interactive and rich media formats are supported, allowing your commercial editorial team and advertising customers to tell truly engaging stories, similar to editorial ones.