Databas med över 6500 svenska native content kampanjer. Sök & följ sponsrat innehåll från många annonsörer, sajter & IAB kategorier.

We are pretty excited and nerdy about True Native Content. A few months back, we therefore started to track more systematically what kind of campaigns are run by which advertisers and on which sites.

We've tracked true native ("sponsored articles") showing up on around 20 of the biggest Swedish sites since mid-Sep 2017. So it's not a complete picture of the Swedish market, but a relatively big window into it. In total, our database now contains over 6 500 sponsored articles.

Below, we're sharing a selection of our data for you to explore. What can you do with all this data? You could use it to keep yourself updated about e.g.

  • what your competitors, customers and partners run as native content campaigns, and where
  • to check what "white spaces" there are still left to write about
  • how frequently campaigns are run

If you want unlimited access to the database (including full teaser content, metadata, article content & links, search by advertiser/category/site and more), click here

Our customers and partners get preferred treatment.

Some notes on the database and the data

  • You'll only be able to see details for a few very recent sponsored articles. Search results are limited to 5 and the data is redacted.If you want full access to the database (including full article content and links, site info, search by site and more), mail us at [email protected]. Our customers and partners will get preferred treatment.
  • While we're doing our best to keep the database updated and accurate, we do NOT guarantee its comprehensiveness or representativess for the overall market, as well as data accuracy. The database is updated once to twice a week. Campaign dates represent the month during which the campaign was first seen on a given website - it doesn't indicate its runtime.