We’re tracking native content teasers on over 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from February 2020.

February: really kicking off the new year

After a slow start into the year, native advertising activity in Sweden has accelerated somewhat during February already. We tracked a total of 280 articles from almost 160 brands, an increase of around 50% compared to the first month of 2020.

After several weeks of very high activity, Preem has left the top spot and indeed the top list of most active brands. Their spot was instead taken by gambling provider ATG, who ran a bigger push around the “Schlagerfestivalen” (example see below).

As usual, a number of Automotive brands were active with native articles, this month topped by Jaguar as the most active manufacturer. Also Klarna has entered the top 3, running a series of articles around e.g. traditions for the extra day in this leap year (29th Feb).

Almost 100 brands started – or restarted – running sponsored articles during February. Among them are well-known and big brands like SPP or Bisnode. But we also find a number of more seasonal advertisers like several tourist boards, as well as Swedish startup Trine with their microcredit crowd-investment platform

Interesting campaign highlights

One of ATG’s series of articles about various artists and performances of the “Schlagerfestival” – an event that of course it is possible to place bets on.

Klarna highlighting one of several interesting traditions on the extra day (Feb 29th) in this leap year: according to old tradition, this was the only day of the year(s) when women were allowed to make a proposal

Also the Corona virus played already a role during February, with this article by CMC Markets highlighting how one can earn from falling stock markets (not only due to Corona, of course!)

The Police ran several “employer branding” natives, something they’d already done back in 2019 – which seems to have been successful given the reuse of the format

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