We’re tracking native content teasers on over 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from November 2019.

November 2019: High activity within automotive, and no major Black Friday impact

Our tracking showed – similar to October – continued high activity with around 350 sponsored articles from over 160 brands also during November 2019. One trending topic was clearly Automotive, with 3 related brands leading the top 10 of most active brands as seen below. But also 2 government authorities were among the most active brands in November: Försvarsmakten (Swedish Military) and Arbetsförmedlingen (Employment Agency).

Two interesting key facts this month were:


Of articles included sustainability topics – e.g. energy efficiency or food waste

1 in 3

Advertisers distributed native articles on more than 1 site or across a network of sites


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Many of the native articles we saw on cars and mobility were related to e-mobility: with Volvo informing about their first electric car and e-mobility strategy, Jaguar focusing on their electric model and its cost of ownership, and Preem informing about new technology to collect and store CO2.

70 new brands last month – and low Black Friday impact

Also one of the newcomers this month, Polestar, is from the Automotive segment and of course their focus is all-electric. Other interesting new brands last month were Försvarsmakten (the Swedish Military), who had been running several native pushes earlier, or Re:Member.

Re:Member were one of the few brands that ran true native articles around Black Friday, pushing for the ability to get extra benefits when shopping through them. Also Klarna (informing about common Black Friday pitfalls) and NetOnNet (pushing for new Samsung TVs) ran Black Friday related natives. But overall, there was rather low activity regarding this major shopping day, which might be due to the fact that traditionally, true native is a key channel for brand building rather than “hard” conversion hunting for most brands.

Other interesting native articles

In another angle on Automotive sustainability and e-mobility related natives, we saw BMW run a native piece on the sustainable thinking of a Michelin-star restaurant owner

AFA Försäkring was re-running a concept we’ve seen earlier in summer already, talking about some of their “unusual” video ads that want to shed a light on common myths and misconceptions regarding union-based insurance

Also SvD is “walking the talk” when it comes to native, and uses the format to inform about the use of SvD in education