We’re tracking native content teasers on over 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from September 2019.

September 2019: Great start into an intensive fall

We expect fall and Q4 to be a highly intensive period in the true native advertising market, as usual. Despite a lot of news lately about reduced marketing spend in the wake of a potential economic slowdown, activity in the last month was quite high. We counted 375 articles from over 180 brands.

Most active topics were once again Business & Finance, Automotive and Home & Garden. But especially towards the end of the month, both Real Estate and Travel have been trending topics. This is also well represented in the top 10 of the most active brands below that are entirely new compared to last month.

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Over 120 brands (re)started running sponsored articles during september 2019

As mentioned, Real estate – with e.g. Riksbyggen or Svensk Fastighetsförmedling – and Travel were trending topics, but also certain Medical Health related natives from e.g. Voltaren or Apoteket started appearing as we enter the colder months.

Among the brands who restarted running native advertising in September is also Oatly – who was in both industry and national media in the past few weeks for its advertising campaign to “flush the milk” (down the drain).

Interested to see some interesting campaign examples from these categories? – just scroll down a few pixels 🙂

Selected campaign highlights

Oatly ran several native articles, e.g. about why we don’t need to drink milk anymore

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Riksbyggen chose to focus some of their recent native article content on new technology in real estate

… something that also E.On chose to run sponsored articles around, in connection with their continued focus on sustainability topics.

Bonnier News practice once again what they preach and use their own native format to showcase their Rising Star In Tech award