We’re tracking native content teasers on around 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from April 2018.

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April 2018: Slightly lower activity, but plenty of new advertisers and interesting campaigns

Compared to February and March, activity was somewhat lower but still at close to 100 new articles per week. A total of over 380 true native articles were distributed across the sites we track, from over 125 advertisers.

The month saw 60 new advertisers compared to the previous rolling 3-month period. Notably, this included the “Håll Sverige Rent” initiative that fights for a trash-free environment and is running a campaign on the plastics pollution of the sea.

The top 3 advertisers – Tele2, Postnord and Albert – have however kept their position.

Other newcomers include

  • ICA – running a nationwide campaign on entrepreneurship, and a local one with vegatarianism as topic
  • Schibsted (!) – walking their talk and running a native campaign for employment branding & recruitment purposes
  • Nespresso (re-continued earlier native runs) and Santa Maria – which confirmed our lead from last month’s analysis that there might be a potential to work with more Food & Drink related content since activity there had been somewhat low compared to other categories


As unfortunately usual by now, most (>80%) advertisers ran their articles on one single site only. Advertisers that ran on multiple sites (almost exclusively within the same publisher groups) included Postnord, Albert, EOn, Skandia, Tele2, BMW, Continental and DHL Freight.