We’re tracking native content teasers on over 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from August 2019.

August 2019: turning point of the year

The past month, our tracking has identified around 160 native articles run by a bit over 80 advertisers. Compared to July, the number of advertisers has increased slightly, but the numer of articles remained low even as the Swedish summer was slowly coming to an end.

This development is in line with the reduction in activity in e.g. the overall online display market that can be seen compared to 2018 when looking at the Swedish “Mediebyråbarometer“. At the same time, the reduced activity still seems to be seasonal, and in our data we already see signs of growth again for September so far.

While Business & Finance and Automotive are recurring top topics with the most sponsored articles we see in the market, Home & Garden has taken the top 3 spot in August. This will likely continue throughout September as well, as e.g. interior design and furniture are topics that are normally covered in many sponsored articles during the fall weeks.

Case in point: an article by ILVA on Aftonbladet

Also Healthy Living, with articles on training (e.g. motivation) and supplements are trending during the later weeks of August and into September.

Left: Example by Swiftr on DN

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Top and new advertisers

Representing the Automotive focus even in August, Lexus leads the top 10. They are one of 3 car brands represented in the list of brands with most sponsored articles distributed during last month.

Ozoneair, who have been one of the most consistent brands using true native advertising in Sweden during the last months, loses some places but remains in the top 10 also this time.

Around 38 brands (re)started using true native as a channel in their content marketing in August. This is slightly more than in July, and we expect the number to increase further again in the coming months. 7 of the 10 most active brands that were new in the market this month have run sponsored articles before.

Other campaign highlights

Nespresso is promoting circularity in their collaboration project where bicycles are produced from recycled aluminium coffee capsules

Awareness for genital damage from childbirth is the topic of several native articles by Moderna Försäkringar

C More is pushing for their new series “Fartblinda” based on a book by well-known econo