We’re tracking native content teasers on over 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from December 2018.

December 2018: Leaders will be leaders

We recorded somewhat lower activity during December, with just over 210 native articles run by around 110 brands. This is likely a combination of the intensive and conversion-driven christmas campaign period – and a temporary “gap” in our tracking in the week before christmas

Record-volume pioneer PostNord have kept their leading position also this month, defending them against a number of big-name brands including Toyota, Trygg-Hansa or Gore-Tex.

Niche player Ozoneair has been very active for a while now, and also Försvarsmakten has returned to native as a channel the last weeks, and slightly increased activity this month.

The number of advertisers (re)starting native native campaigns has reduced from over 80 to ca. 60. There are however more complete “newcomers”, including finance company Öhman as well as consumer tech players JBL or NetOnNet.

Interesting campaign highlights include..

Metro Modes christmas calendar with Rituals – using very short articles that present different products.

Given the shortness, the articles arguably aren’t really “true native”, but more a creative use of native teasers that link site-internally. Which is why we excluded the brand from the toplist, which they otherwise had led.

Given the “special season” and its focus on shopping, many other sites and brands started running competitions this month, like Foreo on Café and KING, or shopping “tips” or lists.

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PostNords rich-media enabled article series on Expressen – about how their security department is fighting against drivers stealing goods

Distribution: clear trend towards effective multi-site distribution

During 2018, we’ve seen a slow but steady shift of advertisers from single-site true native campaigns to running on multiple sites (e.g. within one publisher group) or even a bigger number of sites or network.

Around 25-30% of advertisers are now running true native campaigns on more than one site – and especially more and more bigger brands are doing so.

SUNT has been a key driver in this development, enabling over 1 500 000 native article views during 2018.