We’re tracking native content teasers on over 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from February 2019.

February 2019: Supporting social causes, and an all-new top 10 (… a tradition by now?)

Similar as in January, also February saw a slight increase in true native activtiy across the board. Around 120 advertisers ran a total of ca. 250 native articles.

We’re not sure if anyone at Renault maybe reads our newsletter or articles. But as you know, we highlighted them and som of their efforts to distribute native content that not only relates to their cars in the last weeks… and it seems they’ve doubled down on their native investments, leading the top 10 in our tracking this month.

The top 3 categories this month – Business & Finance, Automotive, Healthy Living (including food supplements like last month’s leader Peptid+ or Menakur) – are also reflected well in the brands that make up this months’ top 10.

One interesting newcomer in both the top 10 and also the “newcomer” list below is major mobile carrier Telenor.

Campaign highlights include: Focus on environmental and social topics… and how to make a protein semla

Issues around supporting social or environmental causes have been a focus for several brands in especially the Food & Drinks as well as Automotive sectors in the last months.

Max (Burgers) has already pushed for their climate-positive menu with native content last summer, and was running several articles around the topic also during February. Environmental issues had been highlighted in native campaigns by industry peers ICA and Nespresso in the last year as well:

Unsurprisingly, also innovative oatmilk brand Oatly is focusing on a climate-related messaging in their brand building activities. And after a short sprint with some sponsored articles in fall 2017, they too came back to the market in February 2019.

Toyota is using native as one channel to show their support for another cause, namely a social one. They work with the paralympic committee to highlight paralympic athletes, which aligns well with the brand’s engagement as global partners to the olympic and paralympic games.

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One native-“highlight” in a completely different category was an article from supplement brand QNT on MetroMode. They went with the seasonal topic of the Swedish “semla” pastry – and gave an example of how to bake a more healthly and protein-enriched version of it.

We at SUNT were unfortunately too busy to give it a try, but it sure sounds and looks tasty!