We’re tracking native content teasers on around 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from January 2018.
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January 2018: laying low

As December, also January was a period with lower activity than we saw in fall 2017.

Only a total of around 280 articles, or just around 70 per week on average, were published on bigger Swedish publisher sites. A total of 91 advertisers used true native as a distribution channel in their content marketing strategy. In Dec 2017, that number was 119 and in the entire Q4 2017 a total of 267 advertisers used the format.

The month saw 57 new advertisers compared to December and ca. 40 compared to the entire Q4 2017. Albert and Spelbloggare were the most active “newcomers” with over 10 articles each.

Around 50 advertisers only ran 1 or 2 sponsored articles each. As usual, a high ratio (ca. 90%!) of advertisers only ran their articles on one site.

Compared to December, 85 advertisers stopped or paused their true native content activity. Most prominently, this include Masterpass and Target Aid, both running over 10 articles in Dec and over 30 articles in all of Q4 2017.

A total of over 100 advertisers had run 1 or 2 sponsored content pieces in Q4 2017, but didn’t do so in January. This might indicate that these brands have either only tested the concept and might run additional campaigns in the future – or the campaigns didn’t delivery the expected performance.