We’re tracking native content teasers on around 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from July 2018.

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July 2018: a wiiiiide summer gap

After June’s slowdown, true native campaign activity in Sweden has slowed down to a record low since we started our tracking last fall.
Ca. 60 advertisers ran around 150 articles – only half (!) the volume of June.

What is positive is however the impressive market growth and activity we’ve seen in the recent months – so the summer break was really well-deserved for many!
Since September 2017, we’ve now tracked a total of over 600 advertisers using true native content in Sweden!


This change in activity also led to a record high turnover in our top ten list – Postnord is the only brand left from June. But at the same time, some other brands like Lendify, Nowo or BMW are brands that are using native very consistently for a longer time.

Some interesting campaign highlights:

  • HP and Fortnox seem to see an opportunity during summer to address business owners and directors, who might be too busy otherwise?
  • SL continue their campaign around discovering the Stockholm region by public transport
  • Stockholms Stadsmission reminded us that not all families are able to make big summer plans

Only 20 brands started or restarted their native activity. HBO Nordic were running several articles on various websites and are preparing viewers for the late summer and fall releases of new series.

The number of advertisers only running true native on one single publisher site reduced somewhat to under 78%. At the same time, over 15% of active advertisers during the month distributed their native content on more than 3 sites or through a network.