We’re tracking native content teasers on over 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from July 2019.

July ’19: Summertime is of course travel time

As expected, activity during July was significantly lower compared to the intensive spring months. We tracked around 200 native articles by ca. 80 brands. One in three advertisers chose to run native articles on more than one site or a network of sites such as enabled by SUNT.

Trending topics during this summer month were unsurprisingly especially Automotive and Travel related articles. But also a number of (partially travel- and summer-related) articles around Health, including e.g. ticks, travel aid kits or mental health.

This is also reflected in the top 10 list of most active brands within the native market:

Mitsubishi climbed to the first place with a series of articles mostly around their hybrid-SUV, while Telenor took second place with both travel-related and smartphone security tips.

The past month only saw a small number of new brands entering the market (32 compared to 70 brands in June).

Among the most interesting brands that started running native articles was National Geographic, highlighting interesting aspects of e.g. the Moonlanding missions which celebrated its 50th birthday mid-July.

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Other campaign highlights

mySafety who created a (free) insurance against web hatred (or cyberbullying)

Bonnier pushing their podcast Våra Vänner using native articles