We’re tracking native content teasers on around 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from June 2018.

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June 2018: sunny weeks and travel topics on the rise

Was it the continued great weather or maybe the great performance of the Swedish football team in the Worldcup so far? Either way, native activity has started to slow down somewhat as we approach the lower-season summer weeks.

A total of 112 (-20%) advertisers ran just over 300 articles. Activity dropped therefore to an average of “only” around 75 new weekly articles, from almost 100 in the previous months.


At the same time, there is one interesting development that can be seen in the market from our data: as the market evolves, there are not only a bigger number and more diverse set of advertisers trying out the concept – but it seems that also the publisher side becomes more diverse.

The share of “other” publishers (or sales agents and networks including SUNT) compared to the clear market leaders, Schibsted and Bonnier, is constantly growing. Nevertheless, also during June just under 80% of advertisers ran their true native articles on only 1 site.


But the market remains highly dynamic, with a lot of “turnover”. There is plenty of movement in the top 10 – plus over 60 advertisers who (re)started true native campaigns during the month, compared to the previous 3-month period. The “Danish travel offensive” which started in May continued throughout June: Visit Denmark was the month’s biggest brand in true native, surpassing the “normal” leader PostNord.


Of the 60+ brands that started or restarted true native activities compared to the previous 3-month period, 7 were complete newcomers. They include Blocket Jobb, Meds and IntersportNordax Bank and Poio, two advertisers who ran native campaigns some months ago, were the biggest “restarters”.

One particularly interesting (but small) restarter is Gjensidige insurances. They ran a native covering their “Birtual Reality” VR-video to raise awareness for their child insurances. Those who don’t have a VR headset yet can order one (simple, cardboard-based of course ;) on Gjensidige’s site.