We’re tracking native content teasers on over 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from May 2019.

May ’19: The police is coming!

April’s high activity level was kept during May – again, almost 150 advertisers ran towards 350 sponsored articles on the 20+ Swedish sites we track. Every fourth advertiser was running articles on more than one site, or even on a network of sites – and these advertisers ran over 50% of the total articles during the period.

Top categories this month were Business & Finance, Personal Finance and Automotive – closely followed by Style & Fashion. This category saw some growth in May, supposedly as people start thinking about their summer wardrobe – but also with campaigns like that from Barnängen, who ran a series of natives around a new, environmentally friendly product launch.

As in May, casino brand LeoVegas kept activity high with their video content series on Expressen explaining different techniques around casino games. Arla ran a bigger native push during all of May, with storytelling around the linkage between agriculture and sustainability. This is clearly following the trend we’ve highlighted in our recent analyses on the focus on environmental issues especially also in the Food & Drinks category.

A number of interesting newcomers made an entry this month, including sauce brand Johnny’s (as the BBQ season is starting) but especially one newcomer caught our eye: the Police!

In connection with their recruiting period closing May 31, the Swedish Police entered the native market and ran a number of natives. Topics ranged from the description of certain crimes (e.g. on the web) to the job and life of policemen and women.

Also the Swedish Military had during fall/winter 2018 used native for similar recruiting and HR branding purposes, and it seems with success given the fact they they have restarted running natives during June this year as we’ve seen.

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Other campaign highlights

3 of the most active brands that (re)started running native articles in May continued the “sustainability trend” and ran mostly stories around that topic.

Vattenfall communicates, similar to rival EOn, for example around solar panels.

Cirkle K ran a number of sponsored articles on the expansion of their charging network for electric cars.

Also FMCG brand Barnängen (Henkel) focused on environmental issues in their native pieces during May, with the launch of new products carrying the EU Ecolabel.