We’re tracking native content teasers on over 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from October 2018.

October 2018: with full speed towards the winter season

In October, we tracked around 350 sponsored articles (ca. 80 per week) from over 130 brands.

September’s top three advertisers – ICA, Samsung and Renault – are still clearly in the top 10, but Skandia has started a bigger initiative and moved up among the most active brands within true native this month. Also Tele2 is back in the top 10. They ran plenty of native articles as part of their “End-up” campaign a few months back and seem to have identified this format as one worth a continued investment.

Activity levels of these new top brands are high, but not a match yet for pioneer and record-active Postnord during the last year. All of the 15 most active brands from the October period have run true native campaigns in one or several earlier periods, so the rate of major “newcomers” is going down.


Interesting campaign highlights include…
  • Swedbank using sponsored articles to highlight innovative companies as part of their “Rivstart Competition”. This reminds partially of Tele2’s “End Up” campaign where, albeit in a different context and with different goals, innovative companies also competed against one another and were presented through native content pieces (and a lot of video!).
  • Sverigelotten and a few other advertisers contributing to raising breast cancer awareness this month. Also Barncancerfonden has become more active as we’re approaching the winter season.
  • Önskefoto was supposedly the first advertiser within “true native” to kick off the Christmas season this year, with an article on presents launched as early as mid-October


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Over 80 advertisers (re)started running true native campaigns in October. Among the (re)starters, the most active brands include Circle K, Svensk Näringsliv’s news services FPlus and Arbetsmarknadsnytt, as well as a number of finance/loan related players.


Distribution: small, but steady evolution

Interesting and positive news from our perspective on the dimension of distribution: only just above 70% of advertisers ran campaign isolated on one publisher site this month, compared to 80%+ most of the previous months.

One explanation behind this seems to be a rising of cross-site native-campaigns within publisher groups and their various sites, but also the use of distribution systems and networks like SUNT is increasing constantly.