We’re tracking native content teasers on over 20 of the bigger Swedish websites. These are our key stats from September 2018.

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September 2018: new top advertisers going into fall season

After slow summer months, activity in the Swedish true native market is up to speed again.
During September, a bit over 100 brands ran almost 300 sponsored articles, or ca. 75 weekly.

All of the top 10 advertisers during September 2018 were new in the toplist for this month – led by ICA, Samsung and Renault. For the first time in a while, pioneer and high-activity advertiser Postnord is not represented anymore and seems to have paused their true native engagement.


Some interesting campaign highlights include:

  • Both ICA (link leads to article) and Svensk Fågel (link leads to article) want us to think more about the environmental impact of our food choices

  • Renault (link leads to article) is, again, one of the car brands that not only cares about their products but wants us to show their “Passion for life” by telling stories about business owners


Close to 70 advertisers (re)started running true native content campaigns during September. The most active ones, apart from the above-named top 10 include Ford, AEG and Norwegian – all of them confirming a higher activity among Automotive, Travel and Home & Garden related brands as we go into the fall season.

Regarding distribution, the majority of advertisers (80%+) were again only running native on a single publisher site.


Sidenote: one year of tracking

We’ve now completed a bit over our first year of tracking – with a total of over 4 000 articles from over 600 advertisers. You can search and analyze all of these in our database, of course.

When comparing our monthly updates to each other, be careful though – we’ve added websites over time, had temporary issues with tracking (e.g. now during August, or when websites update their design etc) so the numbers can’t always be compared 1:1 and our tracking will never be perfect and complete of course 😉