As you know, we track true native content teasers on around 20 bigger Swedish websites. This month, we’ve however gone a level deeper – and analyzed the content of over 1 000 (!) sponsored articles who were linked behind many of the teasers we tracked. Check out the infographic below to see what we found.

In our analysis, we’ve decide to focus on four key areas:

  • Content length: this is an important and tough decision to make for any content marketer, and of course sponsored articles as a distribution channel are have a different prerequisite and user expectation upon themselves than blog posts on company websites, which may be much longer
  • Use of iframes (indicating rich media) and video: since content marketing and especially true native as a distribution channel is not only about “text content”, but about telling interesting and engaging stories, which often benefits from using different media formats
  • SEO effects: which is one sales argument used by some publishers and content agencies when it comes to true native content, compared to e.g. content display (externally linking native teasers)… but actually shouldn’t be a benefit of paid articles according to Google
  • External links in articles: since the question of conversion is asked extremely often by advertisers, even if native content never can and should be primarily be about conversions – although it can drive better-quality conversions in the long run!

PS: Our true native database gives you full search access to > 1 500 sponsored teasers and articles. Interested in full access? Click here