Scalable distribution for True Native Content

Multi-publisher, quality controlled, targeted.

Advertiser or Agency?

Scale your paid content marketing distribution, efficiently!

Show sponsored content in-feed across a network of digital publishers. With targeting, centralized and transparent reporting.

Premium publisher?

Grow revenues with native content campaigns.

Fast integration, fully native look & feel. With full content quality control and keeping users on your site. We support direct sales, so you keep your customer relations.

The web is for content

Informative, investigative or entertaining. Stories, images or videos. By professionals, hobbyists and users like you and me.

Ads, especially the 75 bnUSD display industry, are one way of financing all this content.

We believe there is a better way, which we can help to scale.

True Native Content

  • Relevant, interesting stories
  • Clearly marked as paid for by brands
  • Shown in premium publishers’ feeds
  • Can be read without leaving publisher site ("click-in")
  • Editorial quality control – no over-selly, PR-style texts and blurry images
  • Audience targeting to match user interests